Bouchon lyonnais A la Traboule Lyon
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Pig snout salad6,90 €
Salade Lyonnaise13,90 €
(salad, poached egg, croutons, lard in cubes)
Salade Bressane12,90 €
(salad, chicken liver deglazed in the balsamic vinegar, garlic, shallot)
Plate of Rosette (pure pork slicing sausage)6,90 €
(rosette, pickles, butter)
Cervelle des Canuts6,90 €
(soft white cheese, garlic, parsley, chive, salt, pepper)
Onion soup10,90 €
Egg Meurette13,90 €
(poached egg, lard in cubes, red wine sauce)
Farmhouse Pâté13,90 €
Sausage cooked in brioche12,90 €
Chicken liver terrine with tomato coulis12,90 €
Salad with warm goat cheese, honey, parmesan cheese14,90 €
Country platter14,90 €
(rosette, farmhouse pâté, 1/2 St Marcellin cheese)
Foie gras with figs, hot toasts, chutney19,90 €
6 snails from Burgundy12,90 €


Undercut with pepper sauce15,90 €
Pork "filet mignon"15,90 €
(traditional mustard sauce)
Grilled rib steak (300 g)22,90 €
(with fried potatoes)
Duck breast22,90 €
(with honey, orange and spices sauce)
Grilled poultry escalope15,90 €


Roasted salmon16,90 €
(with small seasonal vegetables)
Fishes plate of the day14,90 €
Frogs with parsley butter22,90 €

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Main dishes

Andouillette14,90 €
mustard sauce
Pike quenelle with "Nantua" sauce15,90 €
Veal paunch14,90 €
vinaigrette sauce with chopped boiled eggs, gherkins, capers and herbs
Tripes from Lyon13,90 €
Hot sausage in red wine sauce15,90 €
Farmhouse blood sausage14,90 €
Vegetables plate13,90 €
Grilled pork's feet15,90 €
Pork meats plate17,90 €
Chicken liver terrine12,90 €
with tomato coulis


Tomatoes mozzarella Di Buffala15,90 €
Salad with hot goat cheese in the honey with walnuts14,90 €
Veal paunch14,90 €
vinaigrette sauce with chopped boiled eggs, gherkins, capers and herbs
Salad of chicken breast14,90 €
(caramelized in the honey, the savings of parmesan cheese)
Tartar of beef "charolais" cut with knife (180 g)15,90 €
Beef carpaccio16,90 €
Duck breast 22,90 €
(with honey, orange and spices sauce)
Roasted salmon16,90 €
with small vegetables
Grilled poultry escalope15,90 €
Grilled rib steak Simmental (300 g)22,90 €
Penne in the pesto12,90 €


1/2 St Marcellin5,50 €
Cervelle des Canuts5,50 €
Soft white cheese6,50 €
(with red fruit sauce or cream or salted butter caramel)


Praline pie6,50 €
Caramel cream6,50 €
Strawberry soup6,50 €
Panacotta 6,50 €
(choice of coulis: chocolate, salted butter fudge, red fruits)
Lemon pie6,50 €
Fruits salad6,50 €
Chocolate mousse6,50 €